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When it comes to targeting fat loss on your own, it can be tough.

You are told to him the gym and work on a body part. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work quite so well most of the time. Increasing muscle will improve the appearance of things, but your body loses fat in a different way.


To lose fat, you have to burn more calories than you consume which we all know. But, the way you body loses it is by drawing energy from all cells in your body not just one particular place. So it won’t just reduce fat in your thighs because you did 100 squats that day or over the course of a few weeks. Body composition, genes, diet, and sex all play a role in how you lose fat.

Cutting out processed foods and sugar is a good start along with consistent exercise 3 to 5 times a week. Compound exercises forces your body to use more energy and will help as well. Interval training also makes your body expend more energy versus the slow burn of doing cardio for 30 minutes. If you are reading something or watching your favorite show while doing your cardio and you are not huffing and puffing, than the intensity of your exercise is suboptimal and you will likely be more frustrated with your lack of progress.

If you are interested in losing fat in a painless and effective way, our state of the art Emerald Laser fat loss device can help. You can learn more about the Emerald Laser or contact us to learn more!


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