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GET SIGNIFICANT RESULTS WITHOUT SURGERY At ProloHealing you reap the benefits of being treated by New Jersey’s adored regenerative-minded MD, at competitive pricing, and in a very well-managed medical office in Denville.

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I am very clear that my personal mission is to listen to your problems, and your health and longevity goals, and then to get you on the best possible plan for your body, and your life – Dr. Fawad Mian


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I was planning on spending a fortune on Coolsculpting and found out about Dr. Mian’s Green Emerald body contouring laser contraption and am thrilled I didn’t have to sell my house to pay for it, and there was no pain or downtime. This annoying layer of fat I haven’t been able to shed melted away, for real, gone! I look and feel so much better now. THANK YOU DR MIAN!!
-Mike T.
Dr. Mian, a neurologist since 2009, is respected as a specialist treating medical conditions such as sleep disorders, headaches, seizures, memory deficiencies, sleep apnea, chronic pain, tremors, and dizziness. His approach to medical care has always been more solution-oriented versus symptom-oriented. Dr. Mian’s patients love him because he is less motivated by “what’s covered by insurance and what’s not covered”. He is driven by whatever is going to bring the best results, and as quickly and naturally as possible. On his journey, Dr. Mian has become a leader in regenerative medicine and functional medicines; treating the whole patient with comprehensive care plans that include nutrition, lifestyle, and functional movement. He’s a fan of helping you in the most natural way that produces the best possible results, and relatively quickly.
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