Laser Lipo in Denville, NJ

Laser Lipo

Laser Liposuction is an exact and effective cosmetic procedure that changes the body contouring field. This procedure uses laser technology to emulsify and extract excess fat from specific body areas with minimal invasion. The process starts with local anesthesia administration, followed by the insertion of a thin laser fiber through small incisions. The laser energy selectively targets and breaks down fat cells, which our expert team then suctions out, resulting in smoother and more sculpted contours.

Laser Liposuction effectively reduces fat in specific areas like the stomach, legs, arms, and sides. It’s great for those who have struggled to get rid of stubborn fat pockets with regular diet and exercise. Following the treatment, the body initiates the natural elimination process of the targeted fat cells. You may start seeing visible changes in your body shape within a few weeks. One of the critical benefits of Laser Liposuction is its minimal downtime, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities shortly after the treatment. To experience body contouring, book your Laser Liposuction appointment at Prolohealing Medspa in Denville, NJ. Rediscover confidence in your body’s natural beauty with our expert cosmetic solutions.

Benefits of Laser Lipo


Individuals with localized fat deposits are resistant to diet and exercise.

Visible results can be noticed shortly after the procedure, with optimal outcomes within a few weeks.

When you combine the results with a healthy lifestyle, they tend to last long.

Minimal downtime and side effects, such as bruising and swelling, are temporary and resolve quickly.

Follow your healthcare professional’s pre-treatment guidelines and adhere to post-treatment care instructions.

A non-surgical laser procedure removes targeted fat with minimal incisions under local anesthesia and is less invasive than traditional surgeries.

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