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At ProloHealing you reap the benefits of being treated by New Jersey’s adored regenerative-minded holistic neurologist, at competitive pricing, and in a very well-managed medical office in Denville.

IV Infusion Therapies

IV's have been used for centuries to keep people alive. Sad to say, IV Therapy became famous as a viable relief for hangovers. Dr. Mian is a tremendous fan of the profound and immediate benefits that come from vital nutrition boosts through IV. Being able to infuse just what you need into your blood without taxing your digestive system works like a dream.

Men's Sexual Health

Somehow, Dr. Mian knows just what questions to ask, and just what to do to help a man resume his sexual wellness -better than ever! Don't wait to reap the non-surgical benefits of natural P-shots (priapus), LISWT / Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy, nutrition, stem cell therapies, and so many other successful remedies. Everyone wins!

Regenerative Therapies

Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP, Prolo, Neural and Stem Cell Therapies utilizes your body’s own natural healing power to repair body tissue that's been damaged by injury, trauma, disease, or from aging. The PRP-based facial is a treatment that the Kardashians happen to love, but Dr Mian uses it for things such as facials, hair growth - every body part!

Laser Body Contouring

Dr. Mian is a big fan of the Emerald™ Laser for body contouring and weight loss over CoolSculpting. Emerald targets and shrinks fat cells, it's non-invasive, no side effects, or pain whatsoever. BTW, his weight loss treatments are bar none. It's almost as if he's the body whisperer.

Dr. Mian's medical office, NeuroWellnessMD

is the other side of his practice that accepts insurance. Dr. Mian provides well-covered procedures and treatment plans that he’s proven, again and again, work great.


Fawad Mian, MD

Dr. Mian, a neurologist since 2009, is respected as a specialist treating medical conditions such as sleep disorders, headaches, seizures, memory deficiencies, sleep apnea, chronic pain, tremors, and dizziness. His approach to medical care has always been more solution-oriented versus symptom-oriented. Dr. Mian’s patients love him because he is less motivated by “what’s covered by insurance and what’s not covered”. He is driven by whatever is going to bring the best results, and as quickly and naturally as possible. On his journey, Dr. Mian has become a leader in regenerative medicine and functional medicines; treating the whole patient with comprehensive care plans that include nutrition, lifestyle, and functional movement. He’s a fan of helping you in the most natural way that produces the best possible results, and relatively quickly.
Dr. Fawad Mian Top Doctor 2021, 2022, 2023
Dr. Fawad Mian
Top Doctor 2021, 2022, 2023

PRP/PRF and Stem Cell Regenerative medicine specialist in Denville, NJ.

Dr. Mian’s patients reclaim their lives – and look and feel better.
Oh, and he’s a best-selling author.

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Enjoy the ability to book medical treatments or medspa treatments in one convenient location

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Call us, and we can help determine whether you need NeuroWellnessMD to get a medical checkup, or a neurological or medical condition treated.
Or, choose the medspa side of Dr. Mian’s practice called ProloHealing.

MANY treatments that are vital to your medical conditions or to your overall health have been proven effective, but they are not covered by insurance. Beauty treatments are also not covered by insurance, but we will always do what we can to offer you competitive pricing. You can always count on medical-grade regenerative care at great medspa prices!

You can plan a group treatment with friends, or reward treatments to others.
Speaking of rewards – if you refer someone to us who becomes a client, or plan a group treatment with others, you win discounts and free treatments!

We love our patients,
And they love us!

Dr. Mian is such an innovator when it comes to medicine, and I love that he offers innovative therapies in his medical spa too! Thank you so much, I not only feel better, I now look great too!

-Erin S.

I had an epidural in my lower back less than two weeks ago and the pain has subsided tremendously. I am extremely happy with the results thus far and I highly recommend this procedure to anyone living with chronic back pain. Thank you Dr. Mian!

-Bessie V.

I went in with terrible peripheral neuropathy that was affecting my whole life. With some tests and new medications I am a new woman. Lots more energy. I even lost 10 pounds.

– Suzanne O.


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NeuroWellnessMD and ProloHealing are both located in Dr. Fawad Mian’s new office location inside of 16 Pocono Park building!

Click the picture above to take a tour of the new medical office and medspa now located in Denville, NJ!

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Let your body do the work. Dr. Mian’s regenerative way.
Feel and look better.

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