Emerald Laser For Fat Loss

Emerald laser at ProloHealing Medspa in Denville, NJ

Let’s talk about fat loss!

Gotta get the inches off this year but feel stuck doing it? Maybe ate too much over the holidays? Trying to look and feel better after having the baby? Are you trying to get a handle on those love handles? This is the year right? I am sure you have tried diet and exercise. Without a doubt, this is the cornerstone of weight and fat loss. This should always be one of the main pillars, but sometimes it’s not enough by itself.
Maybe you have already tried other treatments which didn’t work.

Would you interested in learning more about fat loss and dropping inches off your waist with no down time or pain?

The Emerald Laser/Green Laser can help get you to the dress size you are looking for or us men…. taming that beer belly.

How does the Emerald fat loss device work?

It pokes holes in the fat cell and lets that fat leak out which can be cleared through hydration and exercise. On average people lose 4-5 inches. Some could be less and some more depending on their health and lifestyle. Number of sessions can range from 6, 8, 12. It can target other areas outside of the belly including arms and thighs.

Any pain with this treatment?

No!!! There is no pain and no downtime. Other treatments out there can cause pain and could cause long term issues. Freezing or burning fat is painful. This is not one of those treatments.

How long is the treatment?

Only 30 minutes. You can fit this into your lunch break if you wanted to.

How does this compare to other fat loss treatments out there?

No Pain! Freezing or burning fat causes pain and can lead to other issues as well. This does not destroy cells like those treatments. Also other treatments like emsculpt only stimulate muscle and do not lead to any substantial fat loss. With cool sculpting, emsculpting, and other treatments, you may lose about an inch which is substantially less than the Emerald.


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