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There are three main specializations of neurology, and Dr. Mian is the fourth.

First, there’s General Neurology. These neurologists diagnose and treat a range of conditions such as headachesepilepsy, and nerve issues.

Second, there’s Specialized Neurology. These neurologists have expertise in specific areas such as strokeParkinson’s or other movement disorders.

Third, there’s Pediatric Neurology. These neurologist specialize in treating infants and young children with a wide variety of neurological issues.

Fourth, there’s Dr. Fawad Mian. Dr. Mian is a very experienced neurologist with areas of expertise in most everything above, but he also veers off into non-traditional care plans. He spends time with his patients asking questions and listening carefully, and he gets to know his patients in a holistic fashion. He accepts most insurance, so you’ll find he covers all the traditional bases while he’s running assessments and testing, but you’ll also find that he offers non-traditional treatment plans that are not covered by insurance. Very often, it’s these very non-traditional and non-invasive treatment plans that solve debilitating and life-long issues. Functional and regenerative medicine happens to be Dr. Mian’s favorite part of his neurological practice.

No matter how you slice it, when medical specialists are allowed to offer individualized treatment plans, they spend time listening to their patients, and they are allowed to integrate non-insurance-covered therapies into their treatment plans, that’s when the treatment outcomes tend to succeed. There’s fundamental flaws with traditional insurance treatment plans that Dr. Mian does not let limit his fully integrated approach.

Mixing traditional “covered” doctor visits, assessments and tests, with non-traditional, non-covered visits is not easy to navigate for anyone involved, that’s why Dr. Mian came up with the model of establishing his ProloHealing Medspa in with his NeuroWellnessMD neurological medical practice. Now, some of his patients are gravitating to the ProloHealing side of his practice exclusively. This establishes a winning recipe of care that aligns with concierge medicine. Nothing on the ProloHealing side of Dr. Mian’s practice is covered by insurance but the model accomplishes three things:

  1. Patients are assured that the usual offerings on the NeuroWellnessMD side of his practice are covered by insurance, and they are incorporated into care plans when it’s best for his patients.
  2. Patients know when something is offered on the ProloHealing side of things, those treatments are not covered by insurance. But, patients are getting access to extraordinary treatments such as Emerald green laser lipo (for fat and weight loss), and PRP (for pain, hair restoration, sexual health, and headaches). These therapies such as the Emerald Laser and his advanced uses of PRP, offer high-potential solutions for body and joint pain, reversing aging, and help patients lose weight and get on healthier and happier paths, with natural remedies, and without surgery.
  3. You have one specialist, Dr. Fawad Mian, who gets to know his patients well, and is passionate about solving issues in the most speedy and natural fashion possible.

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