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What Exactly Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Let’s start with what Erectile Dysfunction is not. It’s not the occasional problem you have when you’re tired, stressed, or had a lot to drink.

Erectile Dysfunction is a consistent problem. With ED, men are unable to get an erection or keep an erection hard enough for satisfactory sexual performance.

This can cause significant distress for any male but also has an impact on relationships and self-esteem. ED becomes more prevalent with age.

The most common causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) are medical. But ED can be psychological as well.

You’re Not Alone

If you’re uncomfortable or embarrassed to talk to your doctor, don’t be.

ED is extremely common and affects millions of men in the US. The number of cases appears to be rising due to the aging population of baby boomers.

The good news is that ED can often be effectively treated. Unfortunately, it’s a subject that men just don’t like to talk about—and so many suffer much longer than they should.

The Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

The symptoms of ED include:

The Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The main causes of erectile dysfunction can be grouped into three categories:

Men often attribute the cause of their ED to psychological factors because they’re unaware of an underlying medical problem. But ED can be an early symptom of a serious medical problem. Don’t be tempted to ignore it.

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

In a vast majority of cases, the causes of ED are an existing health issue. Other times, a medicine you are taking, or lifestyle decision, causes the problem. These common health conditions can lead to erectile dysfunction:

Contributing Medication and Lifestyle Factors Include:

Psychological Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

It’s difficult to label an underlying psychological factor. It’s common for anxiety, depression, and trauma to be intertwined. But psychological causes of ED are just as real as medical causes, though less common. Psychological issues may include:

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

At Neuro Wellness, Fawad Mian, M.D., an experienced neurologist, provides two safe, highly effective, and drug-free treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Priapus Shot® or P-Shot

The Priapus Shot or P-Shot is a natural, drug-free way to improve your sexual performance. This breakthrough treatment utilizes platelet-rich plasma from your own blood to improve circulation to the penis, encourage stronger, more frequent, and more reliable erections.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is another safe, non-invasive, treatment for erectile dysfunction. It uses low-intensity shockwaves to improve blood circulation in the penis which leads to a healthy erection. It also encourages the growth of new blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction
affects millions of men.

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