Stem Cell Therapy

Repairs damage
Promotes healing
Reduces pain

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the body’s natural healing cells that work to make minor repairs to joints, ligaments, tendons, and other tissue. A stem cell’s purpose is to heal and repair areas in our body.

Platelets also aid in this process by initiating the repair process and signaling repair cells like stem cells to attach to the degenerated or injured tissue to bind and repair.

The healing process involves a complex intercommunication between a wide variety of cells in our body.

How does stem cell therapy work?

By harvesting a patient’s stem cells from their bone marrow and concentrating them, the degenerative process can be reversed, and healing is stimulated in the joints and tissue.

Once the stem cells are drawn from the bone marrow, the layers of cells are carefully separated to obtain the purest and highest concentration for treating a specific condition.

To augment the healing process for maximal healing, we mix the stem cells with long acting platelets, platelet lysate, and growth factors.

Man with knee pain a candidate for stem cell therapy

Our treatments are tailored to a patient’s injury and personal needs. We also look at the nerves surrounding the joint that can impair a regenerative process.

Healing is maximized with a functional medicine evaluation prior to any treatment to determine ways to enhance the patient’s body’s response to treatment.

The stem cell therapy procedure

Stem cell therapy is an outpatient procedure. The treatment area is sterilized and numbed. Bone marrow fluid is then extracted with a syringe. The stem cells are concentrated and injected into the affected part of the body to promote a healing response.

Stem cells will bind to damaged, unhealthy cells and transfer their power source. Stem cells also recruit other cells to come to the area so that there is a symphony of healing.

The most common conditions treated are

How does healing take place?

Healing usually takes place in three stages: Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling.

Many healthcare professionals see inflammation as a negative response from the body that should be stopped. They often recommend anti-inflammatories, but studies confirm that these medications slow down the healing process and impair healing.

Controlled inflammation is actually needed to assist the natural repair and healing process in our bodies.

Inflammation is required to start the repair process. This is followed by proliferation to grow new healthy tissue, and then remodeling to strengthen and mature the injured and degenerated area.

Stop Hurting and Start Living

If you are suffering with pain and want a solution that does not include surgery, consider stem cell therapy. Stem cell therapy targets the underlying source and leads to increased function and mobility.

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