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Are there studies that support the effectiveness of stem cells in healing the body?

Yes. There are several studies that have been done supporting stem cell regenerative medicine. Neuro Wellness is an evidence-based clinic. Everything we do has data to support it.

How do stem cells work to heal the body?

Stem cells are your bodies natural healing cells that are acting daily to make minor repairs to your joints, ligaments, tendons and other tissue. Sometimes the repair process gets overwhelmed by the degenerative process and breakdown and aging/arthritis develops in the joint. By harvesting your bodies own stem cells and concentrating them we can reverse the degenerating process and actually heal degenerating joints and tissue. At Rejuv Medical we do not use a commercial bedside, one size fits all centrifuge machine. We harvest the stem cells from your own bone marrow and then carefully separate the layers of cells in a sterile hood so we can get the purest and highest concentration of cells to treat your specific condition. To augment the healing process for maximal healing, we mix the stem cells with long acting platelets, platelet lysate, and immediate growth factors. Our treatments are tailored to your injury and personal needs. We also look at the nerves surrounding the joint that can impair a regenerative process as well as maximize healing with a functional medicine evaluation prior to any treatment. We know that it is not just injecting cells, but also maximizing and enhancing your bodies response to the treatment.

What are stem cells and platelets and how do they aid each other in the healing process?

A STEM CELL is a cell formed in bone marrow created with the purpose to heal and repair areas in our body. PLATELETS also aid in this process by initiating the repair process and signaling repair cells like STEM CELLS to attach to the degenerated or injured tissue to bind and repair. The healing process involves a complex intercommunication between a wide variety of cells in our body. Routinely the healing cascade happens in three stages: Inflammation, Proliferation, and Remodeling. The irony behind an injury is that many healthcare professionals look at inflammation as a negative response from the body that must be stopped. Ibuprofen is often recommended to slow down the inflammation. Studies confirm that anti-inflammatory medications slow down the healing process and impair healing. Controlled inflammation is actually needed to augment the natural repair and healing process in our bodies. Imagine there were three gears to power your healing response. Each gear is dependent on the process that precedes it. Healing needs Inflammation to start the repair process, followed by Proliferation to grow new healthy tissue and Remodeling to strengthen and mature the injured and degenerated area.

What are stem cells? Are there difference stem cells or are they all the same?

There are different types of stem cells in our bodies. There are Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) which turn into new blood cells, but can also help establish much needed blood supply to the healing cascade. In the HSC family there are Pluripotential Hematopietic Stem Cells, Myeloid Stem Cells, and Lymphoid Stem Cells. Because these cells can be found in your blood, some physicians who practice Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP) will refer to PRP as Stem Cell PRP or Advanced PRP. However, blood based stem cells HSCs only increase blood flow and respond very differently than Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs). Mesenchymal Stem Cells can be harvested from adipose / fat tissue on the body, or from the bone marrow of the hip. Research has very little data to show the effectiveness of the fat derived stem cells, whereas the research is strong when studies were performed using bone marrow harvested mesenchymal stem cells. This is why Rejuv Medical uses the MSCs derived from bone marrow in all stem cell based regenerative procedures.

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