Nutritionals and Shockwave Therapy for Men’s Sexual Health, and PRP For Hair Restoration

Dr. Fawad Mian has been researching and treating men for many years, attending to men’s health, and using PRP for hair restoration. This video is more about men’s health, but Shockwave therapy is not exclusive to men; it is used for various medical purposes beyond addressing erectile dysfunction (ED). Shockwave therapy sounds scary and painful, but Shockwave therapy is completely pain-free. It involves low-intensity soundwaves to stimulate tissue healing and improve blood flow.

Similarly, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments to the scalp can help women who are experiencing hair loss. No matter who you are, what conditions you may have, you’ll enjoy this video.

Shockwave is also utilized in physiotherapy and rehabilitation for various conditions. The therapy is generally suitable for both men and women, depending on the specific medical indication. Providers offer shockwave therapy for individuals experiencing erectile difficulties, and it’s proven effective for mild to moderate cases. Overall, shockwave therapy is a versatile treatment not only for men’s health, and is applicable to different genders for diverse health concerns. PRP is fairly similar in that its uses are highly diverse!

While there is ample evidence of the efficacy of both Shockwave Therapy and PRP treatments, they are often not covered by insurance.

Shockwave therapy is sometimes covered and sometimes not covered by medical insurance. While some sources indicate that shockwave therapy is not currently FDA-approved and may not be covered by insurance, others specify that insurances generally do not cover the cost of shockwave therapy for certain conditions, such as erectile dysfunction. Additionally, a large insurer concluded that shockwave treatment does not meet its coverage criteria after evaluating several studies. However, it’s essential to check individual insurance policies and coverage details as some may cover specific indications, such as musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. It all depends on your condition, and what it’s being used for, and the priorities of your insurance company.

Ironically, many men’s health issues and non-surgical remedies that have proven to be very effective at solving physical conditions are often not covered by insurance because insurance coverage is based on antiquated criteria.  Dr. Mian is sensitive to the fact that treatments such as  these can be partially covered, so he can run the covered part of the doctor’s visits through his NeuroWellnessMD medical practice, which accepts most insurance, and in the portions of the treatment experience that is not covered by insurance are run through ProloHealing Medspa, and you pay for those portions out of pocket. Both sides of Dr. Mian’s practice are  located in 16 Pocono Plaza in Denville, NJ.

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