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Electroencephalography/EEG (also known as electroencephalography) is a test used to evaluate the electrical activity of the brain. This involves placing several wires on the head and recording the natural electrical impulses of the brain is producing.

By examining these impulses we can determine if someone is prone to seizures. This study is often used to assist in managing someone with epilepsy and in evaluating those with recurrent episodes of passing out.

Unlike the other test EEG does require some preparation. For routine EEG please wash your hair the night before or morning of your test. DO NOT use sprays or hair gels. NO permanent hair accessories (i.e. weave, corn rolls, toupees, extensions) Some exceptions may apply. Bring a hat or scarf to wear home as you will have residual gel in your hair that will need to be shampooed out when you get home. The test takes approximately 1.5 hrs.

For a sleep deprived EEG you may sleep prior to 1:00 am before the test. Please stay awake after 1 AM. No sugar, caffeine, soda, tea, coffee etc. before the test. For Video Ambulatory EEG you take home a video to record your brain activity for a longer period. It can be 48 hours or even 72 hours. The set up is usually about 45 minutes.

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