Why Are My Hands Numb?

Numbness or tingling in your hands? Maybe you were told that you have carpal tunnel syndrome. People who have this condition normally have numbness and tingling in their hands which can be worsened by activities such as typing, driving, or even using the phone.

Sometimes these symptoms can be painful and awaken you at night. It is thought to be secondary to nerve compression at the wrist.

An EMG and ultrasound are typically utilized to help further evaluate this condition. Conservative treatment usually consists of physical therapy as well wrist splints at night.

When this fails, more invasive treatments are needed. Traditional treatments include surgery as well as cortisone injections.

In the office, we utilize a variety of different treatments from injections to laser therapy.

Prolotherapy is particularly effective for pseudo carpal tunnel syndrome. In this condition, loose ligaments cause structures to move and compress the nerve.

Neural therapy may also be combined with this treatment to help decrease inflammation and free the nerve.

It is also important to address the biomechanical dysfunction that exacerbates your symptoms. Other areas of the body may also need to be treated with different modalities in order to achieve effective relief.

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