Tennis Elbow – Tendinopathy

Tennis player about to receive a serve with closeup of his elbow

Tennis elbow is a painful condition of the elbow that occurs due to repetitive motion of the arm and hand. The tendons involved attach to the outer or lateral part of the elbow.

With recurrent injury, the tendons become chronically damaged. We typically refer to this as a tendinopathy.

Contrary to popular belief, people who play tennis are not the only ones who develop this condition.

It is often seen in individuals who do manual labor such as construction, carpentry, and factory work.

We even see this in people who work on computers and in the restaurant industry.

MRI and ultrasound can help assess the scope of injury. Traditional treatments include anti-inflammatory medications, ice, rest, and physical therapy.

Symptoms can still persist despite these therapies. In the office, we find that prolotherapy and platelet-rich plasma treatments work very well. Drying needling and cold laser therapy can also be effective treatments.

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