Tendonitis and Tendonosis

Graphic depicting tendonitis

Tendonitis and Tendonosis

My doctor says I have tendonitis. What should I do?

Aches and pains are common. Patients will often see their physician for common injuries that involve the knee, shoulder, and elbow. Your doctor may say that you have a muscle strain or tendonitis.

Tendonitis really refers to an acute injury where the tendon is overloaded causing tearing. Pain and swelling occurs which limit your mobility and daily activities.

Rest and traditional treatments may help with recovery of the tendon. However, as time goes on, the tendon may not heal and worsen from repetitive trauma.

We call this tendonosis. It is a chronic state of tendonitis.

This is a chronic injury that will not respond to traditional treatment such as the ibuprofen or cortisone shots.

In fact, both treatments impair healing. In the case of cortisone, this may cause rupture of the tendon.

Ouch! That’s for the pain you have from the ruptured tendon and the subsequent surgery.

What hurts even more is the lost income and wages from having to be out of work after the surgery. Many PT copays will also be in your future! Was the cortisone shot really worth it?

One of the best treatments for this condition is platelet rich plasma or PRP. You have often heard of this treatment in conjunction with elite level athletes who are trying to “get back in the game”.

Many individuals are also getting this treatment because they want to get back in the game of life. No one wants pain to dictate their life.

This treatment uses your own body’s blood to help heal itself. 80-85% of people with pain improve. You have little down time and can still work.

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