Is Your Knee Pain Actually Coming from Your Knee?

Doctor examining a patient's knee joint

Patients come in complaining of knee pain may not always have an actual issue with their knee. Here are two common scenarios.

When we look at patients coming in, it’s important to see how they are moving. More often than not, we may find a foot and ankle issue that was overlooked.

It’s like walking on a broken wheel. There are compensation patterns that develop which transmit force to our knees, hips, and backs.

Many years ago, I saw a patient who suffered from severe knee and leg pain. She was referred by an orthopedist because they thought it was a neurological issue.

It turned out when I saw her walk, she had severe laxity in her ankle which caused her knee to twist. This caused pain throughout her leg, knee, and thigh.

Failure to identify that would have inevitably led to treatments that would not have worked.

PRP and prolotherapy to the ankle and foot can tighten up ligaments and help heal tendons.

Sometimes, patients have knee replacements and still have pain around the knee region. At that point, the nerves surrounding the joint may act as pain generators. Neural therapy injections can help calm the nerves down and alleviate the symptoms.

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