Can Sleeping Pills Fix My Problem?

Many patients come to my office looking for something to help them sleep. In most cases, the discussion turns to prescription sleep medications. You may know them as Ambien, Belsomra, Lunesta, Sonata, and others.

Although some people may find temporary relief, many end up with other issues. While folks may feel better for a while, there is a point where the body builds tolerance. That means the medication stops working.

So, when you try to come off the medication, you end up having horrible rebound insomnia as well as some other withdrawal symptoms. When you jump from medication to medication, you may find none of them work.

People also develop memory issues. I can’t tell you how many times patients have come in and said they are having trouble remembering where they put their wallets or keys or have missed an important meeting.

Other issues include doing things you can’t remember. I had one patient end up on the roof of his house without recalling how he got there.

I have had others walk down the street partially dressed who have had no recollection at all of having done so.

If that’s not bad enough, other patients complain of feeling too sleepy and tired to the point where they feel like they are in a daze.

These medications do not correct the underlying problem and simply become a crutch. They are really meant for short-term use while the underlying issue is being corrected.

Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy is most effective in the long run. Best of all this does not require any medication.

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